Online Auction Buying Tutorial

Go to www.HalfhillAuctions.comand at the top of the page click on "Online Auctions".  

Obtaining Bidding Credentials:

At the top of the page Click on "Login/Register"

NEW USERS to Auctioneer Software: Click on Register and fill out the guided information.  You must verify your email before you can place bids.  Make sure to check your Clutter/Junk mail if you do not see an email in your inbox.  

If you have previously created an account you may enter your Username and Password, then select the auction you wish to bid in.  

Make sure to read ALL Terms & Conditions of the auction so that you are aware of all fees, premiums, taxes, acceptable forms of payment, time of payment and pickup item protocol.

Check the bid increment schedule so that you can be familiar with how the bidding will advance at different monetary levels.

How to Bid:
At this point you can select any lot in the catalog you wish to bid on.  You will be able to see the current high bid and the next available bid increment.  Click “Place Bid” to place your bid and you will have bid the next available increment.  A second option is to use the “Max Bid” feature.  In the box where the next bid increment is listed you can change that amount to the maximum amount you are willing to bid on an item.  The software will enter your bid at the first increment level available on that lot.  If someone outbids you the software will bid for you up to the maximum you had entered.  If the bidding exceeds your minimum and email would be sent to alert you, and you would have the option to raise your max bid if you so choose.  We highly recommend using the “Max Bid” feature to make it easier for you to manage bidding on multiple items and to save time.  Many manual bidders find that it seems every time they place a bid they are instantaneously outbid.  This happens because a competitor has entered a max bid greater than the manual bid and the computer increments the competitor up immediately.  You can avoid this by using the Max Bid feature.