Selling at Auction

Selling at auction is easy and can be hassle free for the seller. Halfhill Auction Group even teams with cooperating brokers/agents to expedite the selling of their clients listing that is already on the market. Auctions provide a number of advantages to the seller.

  • Exposure to a large number of buyers in a short period of time
  • Marketing blitz singles your property out and lifts it above the competition resulting in higher return on assets
  • Buyers enjoy buying at auction. Bidders get confirmation of value from other bids.
  • Increase the sense of urgency by using the auction method. Auctions turn lookers into buyers.
  • Reduce carrying costs associated with the property by having quick closings. Most properties close on or before 30 days
  • No contingencies! Properties are sold As-Is, and non contingent on inspections, financing, and appraisals.
  • Commission to the seller is ZERO!

Decision to Auction

Most sellers have questions beyond what is provided in the content available online. If you feel you have a property you may be interested in selling at auction contact the Halfhill Auction Group to schedule a no obligation appointment to view the property and answer any seller questions. After a decision has been made to proceed, seller shall sign Auction Marketing Agreement.

Before the Auction

Halfhill Auction Group will create marketing materials and submit advertising to chosen media outlets. A typical marketing blitz advertises your property for 3 consecutive weeks prior to the live auction. Buyers will have an opportunity prior to the auction to inspect and complete any due diligence. In most cases Halfhill Auction Group will host a public preview one week prior to the auction and have the property open 1 hour prior to the live auction.

Auction Day

Auctioneer arrives and opens property for prospective bidders. Buyers arrive and register with the auction clerk to obtain a bidders number. Auctioneer will begin with opening remarks, following by the solicitation for bids. Once it is obvious all bids have been made, Auctioneer will declare the property SOLD and identify the winning bidder number. Tie bids or any disputes will be resolved by the Auctioneer who is the Final Authority. Immediately upon the conclusion of the auction the seller signs the auction purchase contract and auctioneer collects the earnest money deposit.


The buyer is responsible for engaging a real estate attorney to run the title on their behalf and at their expense. The closing attorney will coordinate with Halfhill Auction Group to arrange the time and place to close transaction and transfer title.